Wednesday, August 19, 2020


 We used to camp often with our boys.  Then life happened, we got older , we did a pop up camper for a while, and then we just started renting cabins.

We recently purchased a tent and pulled our camping stuff out.     Our first trip was to Camp Creek State Park in WV.  

We enjoyed the weekend!   But we sure realized quickly sleeping on the ground is too tough for us now!

We picked Camp Creek because we have never been up there and it was not too far from the house.  We drove up and got to the camp sight -- we were alittle disappointed in the camp sight because it was small (it was a buddy sight), but we moved the picnic table and made do and it worked out great.   We stayed in Bluejay which is primitive (no electric but did have what I call the "pits" for a bathroom).

The sights were along the creek which was very nice.  The kids saw alot of fish and caught a very large crawdad in there.    Hunter walked along a tree branch that was over the creek and fell in.  I so which I had my camera!

We didn't do any hikes because most were moderate or hard and frankly I am not up for those yet.  We did walk up to the falls.  It's a beautiful spot with alot of good fishing holes along the way in the creek.  The boys walked the creek back which was fun to stay cooled off (although it was about 10 degrees cooler there then here).


The water at the falls was ice cold and the "hole" drops off about mid way so that you can swim.  Beautiful spot.

We saw a wedding taking place while we were there and the deer were abundant.   These twins played for a long while in the field early one Saturday morning.

The park has another water fall along Mill Creek and it wasn't running very strong, but there were some kids playing in the water that was there.   

This little fella hung out with us all weekend at our camp sight -- we kept finding him all over the place!

I love history and am working on learning the history regarding the mill that was there many many years ago.  I recently ran into some pictures of stone that is deeper in the forest up there.  Would like to learn the relation to history in that also.   When I put this together I will share it.  In the mean time here is the little bit of history the park shares.

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