Monday, August 24, 2020


I opened my own cottage law business in January.  When I had talked to my husband about this business, I thought it would be a part time bakery for at least a year or more.    I never imagined the support that I receive.  From purchases, to teaching new recipes, technics, to sharing my page, to standing beside me and saying you can do this.   I am truly blessed.

I am a substitute at our local school system.  For the past three years I have been a long term sub, which means I take a job and stay at that school for longer then 30 days.   I made a decision Friday to take this year off -- it was a choice the school board gave substitutes to work day by day (which is what I thought I was going to do), long terms or not at all.       I love to sub and love the kids.  I will miss the teachers, the kids and the co workers.

My decision was not an easy one.   I like the security of the money, I am not going to lie.  

I need to be home to nurture my husband and my boys, this is my first calling, that gets lost in the shuffle often.  I feel God gave me my business so that I could be a light for him in my corner of the world.    

A friend of mine shared this out of the blue on Saturday:   When I was a baby I got choked.  Her dad came and saved my life.   God had a plan for my future then and the purpose is being brought to life now.   I have thought alot about what she said and there is so much truth to this statement, it's a confirmation to me, a reminder that my family is my true purpose and everything else will come along beside of it.

The goals I have for my business are followed up with a solid business plan and I can't wait to see the future!

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