Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Stuff, Do we need it or not?


My home doesn't have an attic.  I use my basement as storage.   For years it's continue to grow into a pile of stuff that sometimes we used it -- sometimes we didn't.   It became such a clutter I  was overwhelmed to get down there and clean it out.

In March I started -- I worked in one corner of a room until it was emptied out and then moved to another corner.  I made progress.

I went from 33 totes of stuff - to 13.  I am now down to 10.   Out of those 33 totes 8 were Christmas decorations.  Come on who needs 8 totes of Christmas decorations?!   Not me -- I cleaned them out to our favorites.  I now have 4.

Once I get finished I will share true pictures (the above is from Canva).   

So I ask you -- how much stuff do you have?   How much stuff do you use?   How much stuff do you really need?

In the process I have cleaned out books.   This is a huge step for me because they are one of my passions.  But who needs 6 bookshelves full of books in their home?   Not me.   In releasing these books to others, I have found freedom in my home to move them around, to remove furniture I don't need and create new spaces.

I am excited to be finding this new found freedom from stuff!   I have a ways to go, but by summer of 2021 I plan to be free from many other items that I truly do not need in my life and be enjoying my new spaces in ways I never imagined.

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